What to Buy for the RVer Who Has Everything

Everyone on the RV scene likely scoffed or laughed at this blog headline as RVers can’t possibly ever have everything they “need” (a fact I learned quickly in the 3 months since we bought our Imagine travel trailer and took off for our first full-time RVing adventure). There are so many bells and whistles, modifications, and attachments and tools that you’ll likely need at some point. In fact, if you’re in the consideration phase and planning to buy an RV in the future make sure you’ve added about $2k to your budget for miscellaneous needs.

Since we are living, working and traveling in our travel trailer full-time, we had lots of technology needs to stay connected on the road. And, there’s a lot of other stuff we’ve acquired as well – but all have to fit Steve’s requirements of either being a functional need or improving our quality of life. As we’ve done the research and made all the buys quite recently, I figured I’d compile our findings into a helpful RVers Christmas wish list.

21 Excellent Christmas Gifts for the RVer in Your Life

  • Gas/Visa Gift Cards: The absolute best, most useful gift you can give to any RVer is a Visa Gift Card. While it might not feel personal or thoughtful, it truly is. Living this lifestyle isn’t cheap and one of the greatest expenses is gas. Our Expedition gets a whopping 6 miles to the gallon while we’re towing, and so having a Visa gift card on hand is super helpful as we can use it at any gas station along our route and we can keep track of how much we spend on fuel throughout the trip.
  • State Map Vinyl Sticker: This is always a hit when we share pictures of it on our Instagram channel (@ScenicRouteCommute). This state sticker map satisfies the human need to collect things and keeps us from buying bric-a-brac at every stop along the way. This is also a great deal at only $13.99 at time of publication!


  • Soap/Shampoo Dispenser: I am passing on this gem of a find as I initially came upon this on another RVer’s list of things you must have for your RV. We installed this in our shower and it has worked great for us. No need to set up and remove all your bathroom soaps/shampoos when setting up at a site. This one stays in place and makes it super easy for us to get ready for our next adventure.
  • Instant Pot: It’s been all the rage for over a year now, and its star isn’t fading any time soon. My dad (owner of a Momentum Toy Hauler) bought us our Instant Pot for Christmas last year and we didn’t drink the Kool-aid right away. But after we realized how much time it saved us cooking every night, we couldn’t deny that it earned its place in our limited storage space in the camper. We use it several times a week now and can’t remember how we got buy before we had it! (There are huge deals on Instant Pots this week – don’t miss the $49.99 deal on Amazon! Such a steal).
  • Light-Weight Tile Backsplash: Immediately after our first walk-through in our RV I was imagining what I would change to make it my own. One of the first projects I took on was tiling the kitchen backsplash. As you probably know, keeping weight down is paramount for towing travel trailers so I was super sensitive to taking on too much weight. But these sticky tiles added only a net ~5 pounds and so I was sold. They look great, they protect the walls of our RV kitchen and they are anti-mold. (Fine print: these were a pain the a** to install! Ensure you have plenty of time, wine and patience to undergo this project!).


  • Cellular Router: A clutch gift for RVers working on the road or looking for a more residential style internet connection. Using the MOFI wireless modem/router you can transform your traditional hotspot appliance into a robust internet solution. Sporting a wide range of settings including features common in your home routers (such as a 4 port switch, VPN connection, WIFI repeater, and multiple wireless configurations), using the MOFI in combination with a data SIM card is a no-brainer upgrade for the data hungry crowd.
  • Percolator: I know I’ve had some high-priced items on here, so trying to balance it out a bit. Our percolator is just about as valuable to us as any other item on this list. We opted for leaving our 12-cup programmable fancy coffee maker at home. Steve drinks a TON of coffee in the morning, so I was shocked that he didn’t want to bring it – but this guy is light-weight, inexpensive, doesn’t require any electric to operate and it makes a solid cup of joe.


  • Portable Espresso Machine: If you’ve got an espresso guy/gal on your list, this super handy, super compact portable espresso maker is a great gift. I bought this for Steve for his birthday and he was elated. It’s got a hand pump and so doesn’t require any electric (or gas)!
  • Portable Grill: One of our first purchases when we made the decision to buy an RV (we were really excited). We did lots of research and while almost every blogger had the Weber Q1000, we just couldn’t rationalize the spend. We ended up getting a great deal on the Charbroil Grill2Go X200 and we’ve been super satisfied with the purchase. (We also bought this carrying case to protect it in transit.)


  • Grilling Tools: More than once in our early trips in the RV we forgot to bring the grilling tools from home. We finally decided that we were just going to need a set in both places as lugging these back and forth was not working. This set is nice, heavy duty and compact.
  • His/Her Robes: Surely you’ve got robes at home, and surely you don’t want to haul them between your RV and house. I think being matchy is cute, and so I bought Steve and I these his and her robes to keep in our RV. It was a great idea until we couldn’t figure out whose was whose without looking at the tag… maybe chose different colors? (Also, these are on sale for WAY cheaper than I bought them… so buy now!)
  • Inflatable Kayak: We get all kinds of side-eyes as we pump up our kayak near the boat launch… but I’ll tell ya what… it’s so worth it. It’s worth the extra weight, it’s worth the little bit of labor and it’s totally worth the cost. We went back/forth quite a bit on whether to buy the kayak, and then whether we should bring it on our trip. We were especially glad we did while paddling alongside dolphins in near Skidaway Island State Park in Savannah, Georgia.


  • Leveling System – Bluetooth Enabled: You can pair this leveling device with your phone to determine if your RV is level front to back and side to side. Easy to install and simple to use, a great gift for making RV life just a little bit easier and set up a heck of a lot faster.
  • RV Surge Protector: So this is totally Steve’s realm, but after conducting hours of research he insisted we get THIS surge protector… and so we did.
  • Custom Tire Cover: This gift can be as personalized as you want it to be. We chose to use our own logo, but you can choose a quote you like or select one from several provided options. I purchased ours through The Cover Guy on Etsy. Really quick turnaround and great service – highly recommend working with these folks and supporting small businesses.


  • Compact Oven Pans: Okay truth, I initially bought these because I thought they were just so cute and tiny. But, they totally come in handy in a cute and tiny RV oven. So far we’ve used our RV oven for biscuits and cookies and have had no issue. (Secret tip: place a pizza stone at the bottom to help equally disperse heat!).
  • Square Pizza Stones: We’ve heard the horror stories about RV ovens burning anything you cook in them. Pizza stones are a great solution, and these small 12×12 square stones fit perfectly side by side at the bottom of your RV oven.
  • Cute Pillows: Steve has given me such a hard time about all my pillows, but they bring me joy and our Instagram fam loves them! Several people asked for the link to the “If You Really Love Me You’ll Let Me Sleep” pillow so I figured I should probably share here, too! Note, it is just the pillow cover so you’ll need to buy an 18×18 pillow insert, too!


  • Mix and Match Measuring Set + Bowls: WE LOVE THIS. It keeps all of our mixing bowls, strainers and measuring cups organized and compact so that none take up too much room in our cabinets. It’s lightweight, bright-colored and fairly inexpensive for an all-in-one solution. Any RVer would love this set!
  • Harvest Hosts Membership: This is one of the coolest camping clubs we’ve come across and we are proud members! Harvest Hosts is a network of wineries, breweries, farms and attractions that allow you to stay overnight on their property while passing through. At only $44 a year with our code, this is a much better alternative to a truck stop or Wal-Mart. *Use code HHFRIENDS to get 10% off your membership.
Our First Harvest Hosts Stay at Wildside Winery in Versailles, KY
  • Wildnerness Uno: Everyone loves Uno, and it’s a compact game that’s easy to take along on the road. This set is particularly great for RVers as it has an outdoor adventure theme and design that they’re sure to love. Likewise National Parks Yahtzee and Monopoly are pretty cool.

We own and use every single thing that is on this list… and all get high marks from us. If you have any questions about any of these items please reach out in the comments. We would also love to hear any other recommendations from RVers out there. Leave a note below (maybe you’ll give me an idea of something else Santa can get Steve!).

Happy Holidays!

1 thought on “What to Buy for the RVer Who Has Everything

  1. I’m cracking up over the pillows, because my pillow obsession annoys my husband so much! He thinks it’s a terrible waste of space in the RV, while I think they are fun and add personality. I took out one cute pillow to make him happy. I kept eight cute pillows to make me happy. We compromised.


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