Spilling the Beans On Our Next Big Adventure

News Alert: Travel Ban Temporarily Halts Worldwide Wandering

While I will certainly miss the monthly travels I’ve enjoyed over the past few years, I’m pretty okay with the reasoning for my travel ban. Truth is, it’s a good thing for several reasons, but most importantly:

  1. I can write about all of the trips I took over the past two years and never wrote about because I was so busy traveling to the next location. (Ahem – see my new post about traveling to Cuba).
  2. I am SO close to paying off my student loans and kicking that biotch Sallie Mae outta my life for good. Debt free is the way I wanna be!
  3. My guy and I are saving up to buy a travel trailer so we can spend the first half of 2019 wandering nationwide and working remote from our RV!

Coming in 2019: Full-Time RV Life

That’s the bigger news! We’ll soon be transitioning to full-time RV life! We got the idea after watching way too many episodes of Tiny House Hunters on HGTV, and realized that the concept wasn’t too far fetched for us. We both work remote often and our type of work allows us to do it from anywhere. After a TOUGH winter in Chicago, we were both feeling a need to spend more time outdoors and in nature.

We’ve spent the last few months doing research, planning and preparing for our next big adventure. Aside from buying a new SUV and finding the right camper trailer for us, there have been many things we have had to consider like all of the technology we need to telecommute in remote areas, what things we can live without so we can keep the total weight we’re hauling down, and which RV clubs to join to save the most on our trip.

At this point, we’re fairly sure that we’ve watched EVERY single YouTube video there is about full-time RVing, working remote on the road, best RV parks and top tips for how to organize your RV. We’ve been sponges taking in all of the information and keeping the excitement alive as we save up money and wait for the day we officially leave behind the comforts of our life in Chicago and try out the nomadic lifestyle.

Over Memorial Day weekend, we got a little preview of what life will be like on the road. We took our new 2012 Ford Expedition Limited on a first little road trip to the Mammoth Caves in Kentucky. We tent camped and hiked in the National Park, took a four-hour tour through the caves and tried out some of our new gadgets (portable grill, cell service booster and zero-gravity chairs).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’ve only got a loose itinerary planned. We’ll be leaving from Florida just after the holidays and heading West across the lower U.S. states with stops in Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. In the Spring we’d like to head north, hitting Utah, Oregon and Washington. And then close out the trip by heading back to the Midwest with stops in Montana, South Dakota and Minnesota. Have recommendations for places to stay, see or stop to eat? We want to hear ’em – leave it in the comments!

When we get back to Chicago we’ll figure out what we want to do next. Will we love full-time RV life and head back on the road? Will we fall in love with a place in our travels and decide to move there? Will we miss our Chicago life and choose to resume life as we know it? Only time will tell!

Follow along on Instagram as we prepare for our next big adventure – our new account is @scenicroutecommute. I’ll be sharing highlights and details of the little steps we take along the way as we prepare to hit the road, and will definitely post regular updates once we’re living the full-time RV life!

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