My Best Friend’s Postcard Wedding

My best friend and travel soulmate just got married in April at The Postcard Inn in St. Petersburg, Florida. Katy asked me to not only be in her wedding, but to stand right by her side as maid-of-honor. I was delighted to take on this role, and aside from throwing the best bachelorette party ever, I wanted to ensure that I delivered an exceptional speech!

It was important to me that my speech was meaningful to both Katy and Mark, was light on inside jokes (cliché wedding jokes too), had something that would resonate with everyone, and celebrated the special friendship that Katy and I share (without causing me to breakdown in tears). I’m pretty proud of how it turned out. And while none of us managed to capture my speech on video, I am excited to publish the words of it to this blog we started together.

My #GhesWright Maid-of-Honor Speech

Wedding Images

We are here to celebrate the love and marriage of Katy and Mark.

These two dated for more than a decade and share an affinity for Taco Bell, their dogs, and all things vintage.

While we all know they are a wonderful, beautiful couple… I’ve gotta tell you that we might not all be here today if it weren’t for me.

Now, this might sound like a pretty outrageous claim, but I’m gonna make the case. But first, I’ll go ahead and tell you who I am.

I am Lindsay, and I am Katy’s best friend and Maid of Honor. Katy and I met about 5 and half years ago, but the story of our friendship started many years before that. It really begins back in high school, and through its duration many of the people here played a part.

Wedding Images

So let’s start at the beginning:

I usually describe my hometown as “a small town South of Detroit, not a lot of stoplights, you’ve probably never heard of it… but it’s right here (points to hand).” However in this room, many of you are quite familiar with my hometown – because I grew up in a place called Bedford, home of the kicking Mules and home of the Ghesquieres too.

But, I didn’t know Mark back then. In High school I knew of him… he was a cool senior who hung out with the cool kids by the windows across from the lunchroom, and I knew he had a brother, Keith, that was in my grade and was really good at Newsquiz. But, Let’s just say at that point in my life I surely had no idea how spell Ghesquiere.

High school came and went, no Mark and no Katy in my life yet. But, I did have a friend that was an artist. The artist formerly known as Jimmy. This will be important later.


Around this same time, Katy was in high school in Texas. When she wasn’t cheering on the kilt-wearing highlanders, she was with Kristen listening to Dashboard Confessional. Sometime around then she felt the forces of the friendship fates pushing her toward Michigan. Soon after, Katy put on her Sparty hat and headed to East Lansing where she met Mark.

I ended up going to Eastern Michigan, so there was still no Katy or Mark in my life. But it turned out to be just another move that would eventually bring us together.

More years went by, and Katy and Mark were spending ALL this time together (without me, rude!). Then Katy started to feel that pull again, and the next thing you know she’s living in Chicago. Mark moves to Chicago too, and reconnects with his old pals from Bedford, Jimmy and Kevin. The group adds a few to their crew, and spend the next few years drinking spunch and having kitchen ragers.


Eventually, I end up in Chicago too. But in the burbs. I spent my Friday nights at the public library, until Jimmy called me out and told me to “stop being a loser and come on a camping trip with me and my friends.”

And so I did. Jimmy arrived to pick me up for the trip with his pals Sandy and Matt, and we drove up to Wisconsin for the weekend. Sandy and I were fast friends, and we quickly discovered that many years before, at EMU, we had the same roommate!

Sandy offered big plans to improve my quality of life once I left boring Schaumburg and moved to the actual city. Her first suggestion to me was, “You have to meet my friend Katy, because you’re both, like, really smart and you will really like each other.”


And that was it! That was the moment the friendship fates got it right. Katy and I were going to meet!

So dressed as a loofa I headed to Jimmy’s Halloween party where I would first meet my now very best friend. Oh, and Mark was there too.

Sandy was right, it didn’t take long for Katy and I to become the best of friends. We had so many common interests. From $5 martinis at Blue Line to attempts at satisfying our unrelenting wanderlust, art films and art museums, true crime documentaries, tiny things, and frolicking through neighborhoods.

We’ve since traveled to 7 countries together. We ate all the carbs in Italy, fell in love with the city of Amsterdam, swam in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland (2x) and saw all of the big 5 on a safari in South Africa. We called each other “travel soulmate” because we loved experiencing it all together despite smelly socks, missed trains, jet lag and the occasional meal that resembled cat food.


I’m so glad that the friendship fates put us on that crazy path to find each other. I wouldn’t have wanted to share all these moments with anyone else.

To Katy, my best friend and the most stunning bride. Thank you for choosing me to stand by your side today, and on so many days before as we’ve conquered the world together. We have so many memories left to create, and I can’t wait.

But, before I continue my Lindsay/Katy love fest (believe me, I could go on), I gotta bring it back to the reason why we are all here today.


A few weeks back, Kevin and I were discussing what we were going to do for our speeches. And I told him I didn’t want mine to just be all about me and Katy, because the wedding is for Katy and Mark. And he said, “Mine is going to be more about me and Mark because that’s what it’s about – us, them, and all the moments and memories that brought us here, together.”

And he was right! So maybe I exaggerated a bit when I said it was all because of me…

Just like how so many people played a role in bringing me and Katy together. In this room are many of the people who played a role in making these two people who they are, bringing them together and making them perfect for each other.

So as we celebrate the love and marriage of Mark and Katy today, remember that you are sitting in this room because you played a part in their lives, their relationship and their love. I know they are so happy to share this special day with all of you.


So with that – how about a cheers for Mark and Katy.

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