Falling in Love

Our symbiosis was undeniable.

My single life was filled with invincibility, contentment and comfortable independence; I was safe, secure and in control. I traveled the world, I did exactly what I wanted to do (always), and I was totally fine.

A shared fervor for sights unseen and paths less-traveled ignited our interest in each other, and his astonishingly straight-forward intrigue lessened my fear of vulnerability.

He was a born and raised city boy, but enthusiastic about the outdoors and eager for adventure. His charm was apparent at the start, but his tolerance and tenderness was revealed over time.

I let him in.

He does things his way. He wants me to do it his way too. I’m stubborn. We don’t ever fight.

We have traveled the world together, and always do exactly what we want to do. We explore sights unseen and paths less traveled. We get outdoors and take on adventure. We are totally fine.

One year ago today, he told me he loved me. We had been dating for four weeks. I said, “You do…?” And then moments later, “I think I do too.”

We are totally in love.

1 thought on “Falling in Love

  1. This is lovely.


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