20-Something Things I’m Leaving in My Twenties

I don’t hate getting older, and I don’t yearn for days of the past [except easier hangovers and generally better physical prowess]. I am older, wiser and fatter now than I was 10, 5 and even one year ago. Each year I learn, I grow, I hurt, I heal, I feel, I stumble, I explore and I find myself a little bit more. I just turned 30… and boy was I ready for it.

One of the things I’ve learned about myself is that I’m stubborn as hell. If you tell me to do something, I’m compelled to do the exact opposite. So rather than tell you what to do with your life, I’m gonna tell you what I plan to do with mine. As I take on this next decade, I won’t be taking with me:

  1. New Year resolutions.
  2. Stress about finances.
  3. Other people’s stress.
  4. Social media scrolling.
  5. Spirit Airlines.
  6. High heels (honestly I dropped these around 25).
  7. Bob Saget super fandom.
  8. Anything below SPF 30.
  9. Fear of being alone.
  10. Forgetting what I bought on Amazon.
  11. FOMO.
  12. Clothes from high school (except for my pink, not Pink sweatpants).
  13. Cold weather (I wish!).
  14. Nicholas Sparks books.
  15. Sleeping in a full face of makeup.
  16. Fake eyelashes.
  17. Moving targets.
  18. Being afraid of sharing my feelings.
  19. Zero weekends at home.
  20. Frontier Airlines.
  21. Being overly concerned with being fat.
  22. Carrying a credit card balance.
  23. Not saying no to plans.

Twenties, you were one helluva decade. You showed me the world, you taught me some things. I won’t forget it.

Varadero, Cuba - Wandering Worldwide

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