A Bachelorette Party in Pittsburgh

I was recently asked how many weddings I’ve been to – a quick count landed at more than 40 weddings in the past 10 years. Lots of weddings, means lots of bachelorette parties. And as of late, bachelorette parties are rarely just a party, but rather an entire weekend escapade.

I’ve done bachelorette weekends in Nashville (a blast), I’ve done Chicago (perk: sleeping in my own bed) and I’ve done one in almost every Midwestern city with a Dave and Busters. When one of my dearest friends told me she was planning her weekend in Pittsburgh to go visit museums and breweries, I without pause said… “IN!”

Thanks to my flight attendant roommate, I didn’t have to worry about the cost of the flight (roomie perks!). I had never been to Pittsburgh before and surprisingly really had very little knowledge about what there was to do there. Surprising because there actually was so much to do, and we had a damn good time doing as much as we could in two days.

Polish Hill

We stayed in an AirBNB in the Polish Hill area (save $30 on your next booking through this link). It felt very East-coast and was full of charm. It was very walkable and there were plenty of bars nearby. But my favorite thing nearby was not a bar, nope. It was a Peanut Butter Jelly Time: a gourmet PB&J sushi bar. This place had absolutely any fixings you would think (or not think) of putting on a PB&J. And then, they roll it into sushi and serve with chop-sticks. I loved it.


PokemonGo had been released shortly before the trip, and I was not alone in my “gotta catch ’em all addiction.” Pittsburgh proved to be prime pokestop territory and we walked around the city draining our phone batteries playing the game. Raven, the bride to be, didn’t play but was a good sport at cheering us on as we desperately sought a Pikachu.


We started our self-guided walking tour in The Strip Disctrict.


The Strip District

We spent the most time in the Strip District, an area with plenty to offer for those looking for a cold beverage or a sweet treat. The streets and bars were jam packed, but fear not, there are enough bloody mary’s to go around. Make sure to pop into East End Brewing Co. while you’re in the area for a flight. Sit at the bar – it’s a good place to make new friends.




Duckboat Tours

This was one of the most memorable outings of the trip – which is atypical for me because it’s also the most touristy. However, the operators of this tour did such nice job sharing fun and interesting facts about the city and keeping it incredibly entertaining. Once on the river, they gave multiple people the opportunity to drive the duck boat, and provided lots of silly photo opps for our bride-to-be.


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Duquesne Incline

For incredible views of Pittsburgh and a fun little ride in an century-old cable car – viist the Duquesne Incline. It operates from 5:30 a.m. – 12:30 a.m. so you’ve got a large window to fit it into your visit. Once you get to the top there is a terrace with an outstanding look at the city from across the river. Venture down Grandview Ave for restaurants and bars with indoor/outdoor seating and floor-to-ceiling windows.



I’m usually game for a good dive bar, and we went to quite a few – but smoking inside is still allowed in Pittsburgh which made them less desirable for me. Alas, if you’re like me and can’t hack it – there are plenty of breweries to wet your palette. Strong recommendation: The Church Brew Works. Great food, great beers and even better ambiance.

Phipps Conservatory

Our last stop was Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. It was a bit outside of the city, but had enough butterflies and flowers to make it worth the trip for our little nature loving bachelorette. It was HOT AS BALLS inside. So I was pretty damn set on getting out of there as soon as possible, but first I took some pretty pictures to share with you.


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Side note: This post is super late as the bride has now already been married for over a year! But… nonetheless, I promised the sister of the bride that eventually, she (and this trip) would make it onto the blog! Serena – I’ve finally delivered! Hope you like it!


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