A Return From an Unplanned Hiatus, Kinda

Hi, I’m back!

Not from any big trip, but rather from a far too long, but super necessary hiatus from writing on this here blog. But alas, I’ve not stopped wandering worldwide. In the 4ish months since my last post, I:

  • Attended Lollapalooza in Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Spent 5 days adoring elephants and seeking out the Big 5 on a safari in Kruger National Park
  • Drove on the left side of the car and left side of the Garden Route exploring the beautiful beach towns in South Africa
  • Explored all of the best of Cape Town with a new friend, an old friend and an unwanted chauffeur
  • Took a solo road trip across the Northern U.S., fell in love with Dear Sugar podcasts and spent a day getting soaked at Niagra Falls
  • Played Pokemon Go all over Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and drank beer at a brewery operating out of a defunct church
  • Took a work trip to San Francisco, California and woke up early to hike to the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Hosted/entertained many of my closest lifetime pals in my pretty city of Chicago (including dining at The Max from Saved by the Bell and an organized pop-up dinner party in a park)
  • I got to watch amazing friends sign up for a lifetime with their lovers while overlooking the Gulf of Mexico in Riviera Maya, a rooftop in Kalamazoo, Michigan and on the lawn of the George Eastman House in Rochester, New York

Each of these trips were memorable, incredible and worthy of a post, eventually. The truth is, I’ve just needed to step away for a bit to focus on some other very personal things that have been going on in my life. Some good, some bad – all competing for my attention.


So with this post, I’m hoping to force away any writers block keeping me from posting, re-commit myself to sharing the best/worst of my travels with the world and start thinking about that next BIG trip!


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