All The Places I’ll Go – 2016 Edition

I have big plans for 2016! In the last few weeks, I’ve booked two international trips and got the exciting news that I’ll have a Southwest companion pass for the year. It’s been below freezing recently in Chicago, so I’m very much thrilled that much of my travel in the next few months will be bringing me not only South of the border but South of the Equator too!


January – Somewhere in Florida

This will be my first test run with the new companion pass. We’ve decided on Florida as it’s warm, there are many flights so it’s easy to get to, my mom just bought a house in Punta Gorda, and I have lots of friends and family there that we can visit and crash with.We could be going gulf side to the #1 Beach in the World, or possibly to the Miami area for my first time outside of the airport. It will be a pretty sporadic trip – just the way I like it.


February – Houston, Texas

My dad lives in Houston, so with him I’ve visited many other cities like Dallas, San Antonio and most recently South Padre Island. On this trip, I’m going just to spend time with my dad doing the things that dad and I like to do: eat crawfish, drink beer, go on the boat, listen to country music and watch sports.

Grand Daddy Hotel - Air Stream Rooftop Trailer Park

March – Brazil, Mozambique, South Africa

Each year, my travel soulmate and I take one big international trip to fully indulge in a place – eat the food, drink the drink, meet the people. In 2014, we visited Italy and went to Venice, Florence, Cinque Terre and Rome. In 2015, we visited Iceland in March, then in June went back over the pond to Frankfurt, Amsterdam and London.

This year – we’re doing it real big. We’ll be spending a few days in Sao Paulo, Brazil, then flying to Johannesburg, South Africa. We plan to spend some time at Victoria Falls, do a safari in Kruger, take a short trip to Mozambique for some cage diving with Great Whites, and then spend some leisurely time exploring West Cape wine country before we settle on the above pictured, incredibly rooftop airstream trailer park in Cape Town. There’s so much to plan, but I can’t be more excited. Visiting South Africa was #2 on my Bucket List. I CAN NOT WAIT.


April – Riviera Maya, Mexico

I have only been to Mexico once before – to Cozumel on a cruise. This April, I’ll be flying into Cancun and going to Riviera Maya to attend a friend’s wedding. I’m really excited as there are a lot of Chicago friends that will be joining – many of which were also at this kick ass wedding in Wisconsin. Prior to this trip I plan to get my PADI SCUBA certification so that I can do some dives while I’m there. I’m also banking on some QT reading on the beach.

The Rest of 2016…

It’s hard to say what the rest of the year will bring. I recently started a new job, have a fully packed wedding calendar, and I’m weighing some pretty big life decisions which will affect my ability to travel for a few months. But, I definitely can’t sit still for long — so I’ll be wandering elsewhere before too long.

So please share with me – where are you itching to go this year?

3 thoughts on “All The Places I’ll Go – 2016 Edition

  1. Cage diving with great whites?! I don’t like that one bit!
    On my radar thus far for 2016: Sedona, AZ (marathon); Queretaro, MX; Punta Gorda, FL, possibly Paris/London/Manchester/Dublin; Kenosha, WI (marathon); Bourbon Trail, KY (if my team gets picked in the registration lottery!) and hopefully Houston/somewhere in Texas!


  2. awesome list!!! my friend works for southwest as well!


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