Nashville: Home of the Last Fling Before the Ring

In the last year, I’ve heard of numerous friends and acquaintances heading off to Nashville, Tennessee to celebrate impending nuptials with Bachelor or Bachelorette Party weekend.

This bachelorette party was for my dear friend Alli who will marry a fellow Kicking Mule (my high school mascot) later this Fall. Once upon a time everyone chose Las Vegas or if you’re a Midwesterner like me Put-in-Bay for weekends like these. But now, the music city is all the rage. And, I’m pretty OK with that, because we had a damn good time boot scootin’ and boogying around town. And as an added bonus,  we were able to take some time away from the bright lights + soulful sounds of Broadway to check out East Nashville.


Katy + I arrived late Friday night after work, so we checked into the #NashvilleTinyHouse we found on AirBNB and grabbed a drink and a bite in nearby Five-Points. Alli’s sisters had a fun-filled day planned for us, and it went like this:

Nashville Pedal Tavern

The pedal tavern is a popular choice for bachelorette parties in Nashville. When we arrived to check-in we were impressed with how wrinkle-free their process was. In a heartbeat our entire group signed their lives away and opted for a helmet-free journey.


We had some time before our trip started, so we stopped at Dawg House just up the Demonbreun Hill for a quick drink to kick off the party. Now mind you, I’m adjusted to Chicago pricing on things… But I was absolutely floored when a Mimosa tubes that gave us each 1-2 drinks was only $25… TOTAL! Now that was cool.

When it was time for our pedal tavern your to begin, we were greeted by our driver/tour-guide. He was filled the the brim with corny jokes that surely catch a chuckle time-after-time with all the ladies who jump on board each weekend. In Nashville, the company can’t sell or serve you alcohol on the pedal tavern, but you are allowed to bring your own. And we did. After a quick safety talk, we were pedaling away through midtown and past all the recording studios. This was my favorite part as I love country music + the TV show Nashville.

The pedal tavern requires a minimum of 8 people to operate it as it is dependent on pedaling to move it forward (no engine of any kind). The resistance was most often very low, which actually made it somewhat difficult to pedal. But, we were all having a good time when surprise – about 15 minutes in we were at our first stop. Wait, this is a bar crawl? So, maybe it was just me but I thought the point of being on this thing was to ride around town and drink en route. But, now we are rushing into a bar to order drinks and slam them in 20 minutes then get back on the bike and start pedaling? Whoa. Ok, I’ll play along. And hey, this place smells like bacon. I like bacon.


So, we bar it up. Then when our time is up, we head back out to meet our guide and see that a storm is a brewing. He let us know that it doesn’t look like it’s going to pass over and that for our safety we would need to go into a bar. I’m all about weather precautions, so I was grateful for this. We pedaled just around the block and stopped at another bar just as the torrential downpour began.


After waiting out the storm for about an hour inside, it was apparent that it wouldn’t be clearing up anytime soon. So although it wasn’t as we hoped, our guide offered to cut our tour short and give us half our money back. We accepted.

Overall, it was a pretty good time. I’m sure it’s a great way to see different areas of Nashville if you make it through the whole tour. If I were to do it again, I’d opt for staying on board instead of bar hopping. But that’s just me. If you’re interested in taking out a pedal tavern while you’re in Nashville, check here first as they occasionally have Groupon deals!

Bars on Broadway

Next up, we took a couple of Uber’s downtown to Broadway. We started at Rippy’s which had four different stages playing live music + a photo booth.


The band was great and playing music by request. The Alabama grad in me was ecstatic to hear Sweet Home Alabama followed by Wagon Wheel. It brought back all the mems of my time in the South cheering on the Crimson Tide. We spent a couple of hours hanging out on the Broadway strip and dancing a fool before heading  back to get ready for dinner at Cabana.

Cabana Restaurant


Cabana is a restaurant in the Hillsboro Village neighborhood of Nashville that specializes in comfort food. The restaurant itself seems as if it was manufactured specifically to facilitate the many bachelor and bachelorette parties that come into town. Guests can reserve a private “cabana” which is an inset table with self-controlled audio, a television and a curtain for privacy. The restaurant is enormous with a large enclosed patio in the back and some outdoor seating in the front.

I chose to indulge in some of the small plates on the menu and it was a fantastic choice. We ordered bacon cheddar grit bites, fried green tomato stack and bbq pork wontons. Each of the items we ordered were bursting with flavor and just what we needed after a long day out on the town. The service was fantastic – our waitress was very patient with our large group and was willing to accommodate us however we needed.

After dinner, we were ready to break out our dancing shoes and headed back toward Broadway. We ended up at the George Jones Museum Rooftop Terrace. What a hidden gem. On ground level, it’s a store and museum – but if you take the elevator up to the rooftop terrace it is a perfect spot for late night hangs. Check out the video recap of our fun day in Nashville. I especially loved the creepy Kevin heads and highly suggest you steal that idea for your next bachelorette party.

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