A Tiny House in East Nashville

It has been a tiny dream of mine to stay in a tiny house. Ever since I heard about the couple that left behind a life of things and stuffs for a simpler life in 221 square feet, I’ve been curious to explore the idea of whether or not I could live like that. And if I could, is there really any real or intrinsic benefit to doing so?

I was afforded the perfect opportunity to sample this lifestyle with a weekend in the Nashville Tiny House with my TSM, Katy. We were headed to Nashville for a bachelorette weekend. While most of the party was staying at the Hilton… getting immersed in the local culture was more our style. We turned to AirBNB for our perfect weekend getaway accommodations and I was ecstatic when I found this:

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 10.42.14 PM

We flew in late on a Friday evening, so the easy access to the Tiny House made it very convenient. As we walked up to the house we admired the tiny details like the fire pit and the shrubbery. It wasn’t just a trailer posted up in someone’s backyard, but a quaint abode in the epicenter of hopefuls chasing their dreams in the Music City. And, it was only a $7 Uber ride into the city.

Pro tip: if you’re not already using Uber – it is excellent for transportation in large cities and often a much more convenient alternative to renting a car! I’ve used it in Chicago (almost daily), Amsterdam, Washington D.C., Kalamazoo and now Nashville. Just download the app on your phone, use my code MPAT9 for a free ride, and have an on demand chauffeur to whisk you away to wherever you’re heading.End commercial. Back to the Tiny House!

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The interior is 185 square feet and equipped with a living area, fully operable kitchen and bathroom, and a sleeping space. It’s efficient. It’s environmentally conscious. It’s economical. It’s well cared for and maintained. It’s not at all claustrophobic. There was plenty of space for us to co-exist in the space, make breakfast, shower and get ready, and sleep.

The tiny extras were totally our speed: adventure travel books, postcards, a book on the Hatch printing shop, and an excellent “house manual” that gave recommendations for places to dine, drink or hang out in the neighborhood based on interests or vibe. I hate when my vibe is killed, so this was super appreciated.

Holland House

We opted for late night eats at Holland House Bar & Refuge because the manual claimed a great patio, cocktails and a great bar side experience. After a $4 Uber ride, we were super pleased to see this cute little spot:

The service was subpar, but the truffle fries were as you’d expect truffle fries to be – OUTSTANDING. The cocktail was fine, but overshadowed by the sketchy service we received. The patio was indeed great and the restaurant interior was rustic and charming which we loved.

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Perhaps my favorite part about the restaurant was the fact that coincidentally, an old friend of mine happened to live just a few houses away. I love reconnecting with the incredible people who’ve crossed my path during my life + travels. This girl is bombtastic.



En route, she showed us her beautiful house and teased up The Pharmacy which is also located right by her place. Named the best burger in Nashville and praised for its outdoor space, we made sure to check it out for lunch before heading out on our last day.

This was my second time using AirBNB and both experiences have been lovely. Our host, Alece, was quick to respond, had Nashville goodies waiting for us, checked in on us via text during our visit, and was very accommodating when we needed some extra time to recover and get out on the morning of departure. If you’re considering booking with AirBNB, I vote yes. Do it and tell me all about it. But, make sure to book from this link, you’ll get $25 off and I will too!


For more on Tiny House life, check out this blog where Jeff & Veronica are sharing their story of life in a tiny house with a baby on the way. They’ve got a great video tour of their house, posts on downsizing + tiny house kitchen essentials. Now that I’ve crossed a Tiny House off my list, I want to stay in this dumpster in New York City.

6 thoughts on “A Tiny House in East Nashville

  1. So fun! My husband and I are trying out air bnb just outside of Nashville in early September, and reading this makes me extra pumped! (I was already ;)) It’s also so fun you stayed in a Tiny House- that’s what we live in 24/7 now and I totally love it.

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    1. I love your blog Veronica & added a link to it from this post. I’m so fascinated by this way of living and think it is SO COOL that you live it every day. Have an amazing time in Nashville – I’ll be sharing more posts on my time there very soon. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks so much! Living tiny is quite the adventure, for sure. I look forward to future posts!


  2. Thank you for the #NashvilleTinyHouse love!! We appreciate it!

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