♥ Camp Wandawega ♥ [K+E Say I Do]

banner1I had the very best weekend… ever.

I know it’s been said before, but I would highly doubt anyone could top it [except for maybe those who were right there with me]. I spent this 4th of July weekend celebrating the nuptials of two of the most incredible people I know: Ken + Elena Bocchino. If you read my blog you might remember them as I was lucky enough to be a part of their epic surprise marriage proposal last year & they are hosts of the infamous Grilled Cheese Competition.

One thing you should know about Ken + Elena is that they are two of the most caring, intelligent & thoughtful people. They are first to lend a hand [Ken’s come through on car troubles on the coldest of Chicago winter mornings], they invite anyone with an appetite to their home for a dinner party [almost] every Sunday, and they motivate all who know them to live life to the fullest each & every day. They’ve been a huge influence on me & the creation of this blog. I am so grateful for their friendship & for witnessing their love at their wedding:

In true Bocchino fashion, this was not your standard wedding. All invited knew we were in store for something truly special from the moment we received our save the dates in the mail. The wedding was not just a one-day event, it was an entire weekend of good times, great people & endless laughter. The setting at Camp Wandawega was reminiscent of Camp Firewood in the movie Wet Hot American Summer. Every few footsteps you’d have a new perfectly vintage scene screaming “Post me to Instagram‘ [and we all did].

Some of my favorite pictures around Camp Wandawega:









#CampBocchino + Earning Merit Badges

Blog Header

The icing on the [wedding cake] this weekend were the activities. Ken + Elena prepared 27 different merit badges that could be earned at #CampBocchino over the course of the weekend. Some of the ones you could earn were from:






And many, many more. Thank you to Bobby for proudly displaying some of the many merit badges he earned at #CampBocchino:


Toasty Cheese Grilled Cheese Truck

We had the best surprise for lunch on Saturday – the Toasty Cheese food truck drove up from Chicago for the celebration. For the past two years, the team at Toasty Cheese have judged the Grilled Cheese competition. We were all ecstatic to see some of the recent grilled cheese competition winners featured on the menu. I am still breadless, but even without bread my grilled cheese was delicious!



If you’d believe it, this is just a snapshot of some of the things we participated in over the weekend. It was a weekend I’ll never forget shared with absolutely incredible people. The best part was that it was without a doubt the most perfect wedding weekend for Ken + Elena.

Photo Credit: Esteban Monclova

2 thoughts on “♥ Camp Wandawega ♥ [K+E Say I Do]

  1. Love the post and the video – awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Shellie! Loved spending the weekend with you. 🙂


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