Just Chillin’ at the Assurance Club at Wrigley Field

Assurance Club HeaderEvery once and awhile, my job has some pretty cool perks. So cool are these perks that they have their very own hashtag, #AssurancePerks.

Assurance recently rolled out a new perk. In a deal etched earlier this year, Assurance took on naming rights to the Executive Club at Wrigley Field. While the tickets in the box are reserved primarily for outings with clients and business partners – the events team was invited to check it out for a Friday afternoon game against the Milwaukee Brewers.


Aside from a beautiful Friday afternoon outside of the office, this was a pretty neat experience as the Assurance Club features an unlimited top-shelf open bar, premium ballpark buffet, a carving station and comfortable leather seats. We chose to forego our seats in exchange for a reserved high top table. Minutes later, our seats were filled by none other than Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Jeff Garlin.


As a member of the marketing team at Assurance, it was really exciting to see our company name and logo plastered all over the stadium. From the directional signs within the stadium, to the little details within the box (c’mon, how cute are the napkins though?) – Assurance was present everywhere. Fun fact: What you can’t see is that Assurance has for many years been the Cub’s primary insurance brokerage. Who said insurance wasn’t cool?

IMG_0282IMG_0287 IMG_0308

An added bonus of hanging at the club was peering out and seeing these familiar faces in the crowd down below. Coincidentally my pals were at the same game and spotted me in the box.


I’ve heard that the Assurance Club is sold out for the season — so if you want to get tickets, you should consider choosing Assurance for your employee benefits or business insurance needs. And if you do, make sure to give me a call so I can snag that referral bonus. 😉

Oh, and the Cubs won. Go Cubs!

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