Lomography Film Photography & Developing Memories

Those are the Memories That Made Me a Wealthy Soul – Bob Seger, Travelin’ Man

I’ve loved pictures all of my life. In high school every inch of my bedroom walls were lined with photos of friends and moments that were meaningful to me. I’d stuff four or five disposable cameras in my purse for homecoming and prom and snap the night away. In college I’d take my first digital camera out with me, capturing beer bongs and dorm room blanket tents. By then, the photos made it into frames. In my  post-grad life, the photos were taken on my iPhone and other than occasional posts to Facebook they rarely made it elsewhere.

About two years ago I was reintroduced to film photography. There’s a boutique analogue camera shop in my neighborhood called Lomography which offers occasional free classes for newbies who want to get their feet wet with film photography. Katy and I attended one of these classes and spent the day walking around Wicker Park fidgeting with the plastic cameras and ripping through a roll of film.

Right at the shop we were able to send off the roll to be developed. It was around $17 to send out for prints, get a digital CD, and get my film back. I anxiously waited for about a week before they came back in. A wait I remembered from my high school days, wishing and hoping that they would turn out. These are some of the ones I got:



The pictures were definitely amateur at best, but I was sufficiently hooked. I quickly bought a Diana Mini which was followed by a Fisheye 2.0 at Christmas. I packed them both for my trip to Italy along with about 10 rolls of film. These ones turned out much, much better!

Venice, Italy 2014 | 35mm Diana Mini
Venice, Italy 2014 | 35mm Diana Mini
Cinque Terre, Italy | Fisheye 2.0
Cinque Terre, Italy | Fisheye 2.0
Rome, Italy | Fisheye 2.0
Rome, Italy | Fisheye 2.0

I was absolutely in love with about 80% of the shots that I had taken in Italy. The landscape was definitely plenty photo-worthy, but the fun was in playing with multiple-exposure and learning what types of scenery was best for the fisheye lens. I did damage a few rolls of film in attempts to load the Diana. So in interest of packing light for my trip to Iceland, I chose to leave her behind. But, my fisheye and I had a grand ole time. Here’s some of what we just got back:

I Saw the Sign | Reykjavik, Iceland 2015
lomo000554-R1-054-25A Film photography has a sense of humor… 🙂
Blue Lagoon, Iceland 2015 | Take Me Back!!
Thingvellir National Park | Iceland 2015
View from the Top | Reykjavik, Iceland 2015

It’s so fun to develop these photographs a few weeks after returning from a trip. This has been one of my favorite new hobbies, and you might love it too! If you’re in Chicago and interested in checking out one of the workshops like I attended, click here for more information on what lomo WP has in store. Lomography is an international company, so you’ll find stores in other major cities too.

 Update: One of my Lomography photos has been nominated and selected as a Staff Pick for the Jones Soda bottle photography competition! Please follow the link below to vote for me (with 10 stars of course – so my image can appear on a Jones Bottle! Vote here: http://www.jonessoda.com/gallery/view.php?ID=1386461&search[text]=0001386461%20&offset=1

Reykjavik, Iceland Signs | Shot with Fisheye 2.0 33 mm Film

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