21 Signs You’ve Found Your Travel Soulmate

  1. Their bucket list looks a lot like yours, and you’ve got a plan of attack for scratching some things off together. You start by sending each other gentle nudges via Pinterest and then aggressively pinning every mention of the place on your “Oh the Places We’ll Go” board.
  2. You both have a special place reserved for your honey and the Honeymoon, everywhere else is fair game. Sorry future hubs, we’ve got places to be.
  3. Domestic trips are fabulous, but they really operate as fillers to get you by until your next big trip together. You know, the ones you can book before you really splurge on one that requires a passport.
  4. You book your trips together completely sporadically at a bar in the wee hours of the morning. “Did we really book a trip to Iceland last night?”

    My T.S. & I in Reykjavik, Iceland | 2015
  5. You’re flat broke? Who cares! You both agree that you better travel anyway, because someday you’ll have real responsibilities like a human life other than your own. Better make sure you’re cultured and can tell them stories of other lands since you’ll be too far in debt to take the little creatures anywhere of note.
  6. You’ve chosen a coffee shop that you visit exclusively for figuring out travel details. You frequent it because it’s pretty much your favorite thing to do.
  7. You both know exactly how many days until the next trip. And when it gets in the single digits, you have to celebrate by acknowledging each day via text, Facebook and Instagram.
  8. On your travel day, you meet up for brunch first because you’re ready to get the party started.

    Carnivale 2014 | Venice, Italy
  9. You chose the same in-flight entertainment and press play at the same time because you want to watch the movie together.
  10. You’ll do the in-seat exercise videos together on international flights, because there’s no shame when you’re with your T.S.
  11. You have no shame because you’re both already six glasses of red wine in. European flights are the best!
  12. They take videos of you snoring just so you know what you sounded like. Then they delete them, they know you “only snore when you’re drinking.”
  13. Your hotel reservation says single twin, and you don’t fret a bit. You like to snuggle anyway.
  14. You’ll try anything once. Except if your T.S. tried it and then didn’t like it. That’s what friends are for.
  15. You order different things at every meal so that you can go halfsies and try more of the local cuisine.
  16. Gelato every day is obviously necessary when you’re in Italy.

    Steps at the Trevi Fountain | Rome, Italy 2014
  17. Your T.S. takes three pictures of you in front of every landmark because a gal needs options. It’s the little things that count.
  18. You agree that one totally crazy bar night is totally needed to really understand the culture of a place. This may or may not be your most memorable evening on your trip.
  19. You have to book your next trip before landing back on U.S soil because, well, you have to have something to look forward to.
  20. Your T.S. Has a 3 day conference in London, hecks yeah that’s a reason to schedule another Eurotrip!
  21. You are already texting each other minutes after you walked in your front door from the airport. Separation anxiety is real.

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