Day 5 | Déjà Blue Lagoon (Because Once Wasn’t Enough)

Our last day in Iceland was supposed to be a short one – pack in the a.m., grab lunch then catch the 1 p.m. bus to the airport. We couldn’t tolerate that… We were up for more adventure. And so when we thought of  all the ways we could spend our last day, we instead decided that we didn’t have enough of the Blue Lagoon. We immediately got on the Phone with Gray Line Excursions to try to reschedule our airport transfer to take us first to the Blue Lagoon in the morning, then to the airport in the afternoon. They were super easy to work with, especially being less than 12 hours from the departure time. They had our transport set up in a jiffy. We next had to make a reservation for the Blue Lagoon, which does sell out. Lucky for us, it was no trouble and we were all booked and ready to experience all of this, all over again!

Blue Lagoon | Iceland 2015
Blue Lagoon | Iceland 2015

We booked it back from dinner at The Perlan in a cab, packed our bags and set out our bathing suits for the morning! Our 7:30 wake up call came pretty early, but we couldn’t have been more excited to be up and at ’em. We were going back to all the bliss that is the Blue Lagoon!

Path to the Blue Lagoon | Iceland 2015
Path to the Blue Lagoon | Iceland 2015

Our bus transfers worked out fine and when we got to the lagoon, we utilized the luggage storage to keep our larger suitcases. It was 500 krona for the day. This time we went with the Comfort Package which didn’t have any bells and whistles – just admission. The package was 3500 krona and we paid an additional 800 to rent a bath robe. And, this time… I remembered my own bathing suit! Not to shabby for more time in one of the most miraculous places on earth!

This time around, we had a little bit of an earlier start. There were a lot less people in the lagoon which made for many more available lockers and was really nice for taking pictures. It was also a tad warmer outside which was more comfortable for walking around in shallow water like a normal person versus the crab crawl we adopted previously.

The Blue Lagoon | Iceland 2015
The Blue Lagoon | Iceland 2015

We spent our day lounging around and wading in the hot, hot and ever so wonderful blue lagoon. We realized there aren’t appropriate adjectives to describe the place – we threw out some options but awesome, incredible, amazing just don’t do it enough justice. We’ll keep you posted if we can come up with something better.

When it was time to go, we reluctantly got out of the water and washed the silica out of our hair, grabbed a bite to eat at the cafe and headed to the airport. We left at 2 p.m. and had plenty of time for the transport, check-in, security, shopping at the duty free shops and our 5 p.m. flight.

It was sad to say goodbye to Iceland as we had the absolute best trip. Would have loved to see the Northern Lights, but you apparently can’t woo mama nature! Even without seeing the northern lights, we got to knock off so many items from our bucket list, see many beautiful things, spend time in nature and get introduced to another culture. I hope that you’ll make it there for a visit – and if you do, schedule two days at the Blue Lagoon. Best decision ever. You can read about our first day at the Blue Lagoon here. And now, back to sweet home Chicago. ✈️

Farewell Beautiful Iceland
Farewell Beautiful Iceland

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