Iceland Day 2 | Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon – Iceland

Today we went to the Blue Lagoon. Pause. Gasp. Ahhh. Yes, THE Blue Lagoon.

Blue Lagoon | Iceland 2015

It was about an hour bus ride between the hotel and the Blue Lagoon. I slept (per usual), Katy was wide awake (per usual). As we neared the drop-off, it was apparent that we were traveling through the remnants of a volcanic eruption. Katy elbowed me to wake me up, and all around us were lava fields. Igneous rock everywhere (my 7th grade science teacher, Mrs. Fletcher, would be so proud that I remember that). Before I even get into the deets – you’ve gotta know, this place is the real deal. If you’re a fan of bliss, nature, spas, water, relaxation, or life, the blue lagoon is something that you need to experience. I actually said this to Katy before we left:

“I don’t want to get out of the Blue Lagoon, because I don’t want this to be a memory. I want it to be real forever.”

As we got off the bus, I realized I forgot my swimsuit. After a super dramatic 10-15 minutes of self-loathing and depression, I found out that they had rentals for under 1,000 krona. Apparently such incidents have happened before. It’s a little weird to rent a swimsuit, but when you’re at the lagoon there’s not much that will keep you away from the hot geothermal icy blue waters. Rental, birthday suit or otherwise – I was going in.

Blue Lagoon Monster | Iceland 2015
Blue Lagoon Monster | Iceland 2015

The check-in process was fairly seamless, except we had booked an in-water massage online which they didn’t process. We ended up forgoing the experience as we didn’t think is was essential for our enjoyment. After lathering our hair in as much conditioner as it could hold, we entered the lagoon through the indoor pool. As the Blue Lagoon has a high concentration of silica, your hair can be quite difficult to work through after being in the water. They suggested a conditioner coat, we did three to four of them.

The water was warm and a milky blue color. It was slightly colder than hot tub temperature upon entering the water, but as you’d move through it you’d occasionally cross hot pockets that were near scalding hot. We eventually learned these hot spots were mostly by the decks, so we spent some time lounging around there.

This is a sight to be seen. We kept talking about how it’s one of the few places that looks every bit as amazing in person as it does in highly edited travel photographs. The hues of the water, steam filling the air, and the volcanic skyline surrounding the lagoon were picturesque for sure, but also peaceful and serene.

Blue Lagoon | Iceland 2015

The lagoon is surrounded by volcanic rock and the base and sides is lined with a white sealant of some kind. The base is very smooth except for a few places where rocks jut out from the bottom. There were a few “ouchhhh” moments when walking around. We. learned to avoid them by adopting a sort of crouched crab walk when moving around. It felt absolutely ridiculous, but as you can’t see through the water we crab walked our way through that lagoon with pride.

Blue Lagoon Waterfall | Iceland, 2015
Blue Lagoon Waterfall | Iceland, 2015

Near the sides of the lagoon you’ll walk into a squishy mud which we believed to be the famous mud in the mud scrubs we were given. In some places it was shallow enough to sit, most places were about 3-4 feet deep. There were little coves around the edges with seats built in, and one large waterfall that spewed hot water. It was strong, and real salty!

We purchased the premium package which included your entrance, a towel, robe and flip flops, a mud mask, blue lagoon sample size skin products, and a free drink from the bar. We went to retrieve our drinks from the swim up bar – there was a mixture of pressed juices, Icelandic beers and sparkling wine. The strawberry sparkling wine was quite good, and pretty popular among the crowd. Katy has quickly grown a huge advocate of Gull beer – I’m a fan too.

Gull Beer | Blue Lagoon, Iceland
Gull Beer | Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The blue lagoon is a very popular destination in Iceland for tourists and locals alike. There were many people at the lagoon, but it was large enough so that it didn’t feel overcrowded. Comforting also was learning that fresh water is cycled through the blue lagoon every 48 hours. It felt clean and pure – a well-maintained natural wonder!

LAVA Restaurant 

Best food I have ever eaten – it’s definitely ranked somewhere in this category. We had decided this was going to be our “splurge” meal while in Iceland and eat all the calories and spend all the monies our hearts desired. Surprisingly, neither were necessary. As part of our aforementioned premium package for the lagoon, we also got a free pre-drink at LAVA. After a glass of sparkling wine, we had absolutely phenomenal mussels as an appetizers, and each ordered an entree. The food was incredibly flavorful and the accompanying sauces and spices were perfectly paired.

We also splurged for some treats from the cocktail menu. Katy had “Into the Blue” and I had “Red Hot Lava”. Both were fit the theme and were delicious. I especially liked mine as it had a bit of spice to it from red pepper. Basically, we highly recommend eating and drinking everything they have to offer at this place. Pricing wasn’t bad as told in other travel blogs we read before our trip.

Sneak peak at our meal:

Pan-Fried Cod with Slowly with Lightly Smoked Langoustine Salad| LAVA Restaurant | Iceland
Pan-Fried Cod with Slowly with Lightly Smoked Langoustine Salad| LAVA Restaurant | Iceland

After lunch, we headed back out for another relaxing dip in the lagoon. At this point, all of our neighboring bathers were growing increasingly more “fun”. We met some interesting people and overheard some quality conversations. A highlight of our trip – a place we’d love to go again and again. 

Blue Lagoon | Iceland 2015
Blue Lagoon | Iceland 2015

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