Chicago Ice Skating Ribbon Date

It was a dreary Sunday afternoon, but it was finally more than 10 degrees outside so I knew I had to get out in it. I recruited my roommate for a nice little day date to check out the new Maggie Daley Park Ice Skating Ribbon.

Ice Skate 5

When I was in high school, I was obsessed with ice skating. I had my very own pair of hockey skates and spent almost every winter weekend out at the rink with my good pal X! We flirted with the cute part-timers, ate fruit snacks from the snack bar and tried to balance as we wobbled into the bathroom to warm up. I have so many great memories there that I absolutely could not wait to pull out my ol’ hockey skates and whirl around. Here’s a throwback to those fine days spent at Ottawa Park:

Throwback to Ottawa Park 2004 | Toledo, OH

Alright, so back to the present. The Maggie Daley Ice Skating Ribbon opened up this winter. It’s not your standard ice skating rink, it’s more like a frozen lazy river. The path seems large at first – but it’s actually only about a quarter of a mile. On high tourist days I’m sure it’s jam packed, but we got lucky and there were probably only about 40-50 other out on the ice. It’s $13 to rent skates, or if you have your own it’s totally free! We had so much fun lapping around the ribbon and tracking our miles.

Maggie Daley Ice Ribbon
Maggie Daley Ice Ribbon | Chicago, IL

I titled this post ‘Chicago Ice Skating Ribbon Date’ because this place is absolutely perfect for a day date. I obviously went with my roommate, but if I had a boyfriend I would be dragging him here immediately. After we tired out our feet and hearts – we decided to make it an even sweeter day and headed over to West Town Bakery for cake balls!

West Town Bakery Yumz | Chicago, IL
West Town Bakery Yumz | Chicago, IL

Seriously, do you see all of that colorful, tasty sweetness!? After depriving myself of sweets for quite a few weeks as part of my be healthy 2015 initiative – it was time to give myself a break and indulge. I had a red velvet, a chocolate mint and a vanilla almond. Holy crap. They were all so freaking amazing. I want more now. Especially the red velvet one – it was life changing.

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