Top 10 Things: Sedona, AZ

Our trip to Arizona was so much fun and so peaceful. After numerous winter months in this concrete jungle (Chicago), it’s really easy to lose touch with nature. On this trip, I restored my true love of nature and activated a passion for hiking that I didn’t know existed in me. If you’re heading to Sedona, I hope you’ll find as much joy in these things as we did.

My Sedona, AZ Top 10

10. Coffee Pot Restaurant. This Sedona staple has 101 Omelettes on the menu. From the moment you walk into the restaurant, you feel the small town diner vibes. With a history dating back to the 1950’s, the walls are lined with autographed photos of famed diners of the past. Couldn’t believe they didn’t ask for one from me?!

9. Uptown Sedona. This quaint little uptown features all of the tourist jaunts and token sweets shoppes you could possibly want/need. With every step you have a new view of the monstrous red rocks that surround the perimeter.

8. Oak Creek Brewing Company. While it took us awhile to find this gem nestled within the confines of Tlaquepaque, we were smitten with it once we finally did. We were starving after a fun-filled day of hiking in the rain. The 100% angus beef burgers were exactly what our stomachs yearned for. We sampled a beer flight and absolutely loved their amber. I’m not typically an amber drinker, but found myself ordering it at other local restaurants who offered it.

7. No-Name Mesa. Right behind the condo where we stayed was a 1-2 hour hiking trail which we took up a few times. It offered us our first few great views of Bell Rock and a taste-test of the local terrain. It may have a name, but we never learned it.

Hiking to the 'Max'
Hiking to the ‘Max’

6. Tara Thai Cuisine. I love am obsessed with Thai food. This was the best thai food I have ever had in the U.S. I ordered the Spicy Seafood Combination (#62) and it was the perfect amount of sweet and spicy. The combo of red curry and coconut milk is one of the best parts of thai food – so I enjoyed it as the base of this dish and ordered the soup. The restaurant is within a plaza, but the little touches inside the restaurant like story book cover menus made it feel much more authentic.

5. Javalina Cantina. This place received high praises from my parents and it was a must on our list of Sedona to-dos. Supposedly the views from here are incredible – but we went after dark so missed out on that. I had the chicken chimichanga topped with queso and guacamole. It was enormous and so good that it made it’s way into my scrambled eggs for the next two mornings.

4. Page Springs Cellars. This winery was absolutely delightful. The service, the views, the flavors – we loved it all. While our favorite wine of the day was at Oak Creek Winery, based on overall experience I strongly suggest a visit to this winery while in town.

Quality views from the balcony | Page Springs Vineyards
Quality views from the balcony | Page Springs Vineyards

3. Grand Canyon Adventure. Although a few hours outside of Sedona, this is a necessary stop for any who find themselves visiting the area. We had some issues with cloud coverage at the start of the day – but we got to experience the grand canyon in all it’s glory. Favorite shot of the day:

Cedar Ridge | Celebration Time
Cedar Ridge | Celebration Time

2. Little Horse Trail. We absolutely loved the day we spent out on the Little Horse Trail. What seemed like a bad thing to start (rainy day) ended up making the day super special and unique. We loved the waterfalls that appeared throughout the trail and watching the clouds roll in and out over the cliff sides.

Little Horse Trail on a Rainy Day
Little Horse Trail on a Rainy Day

1. Family. We were so grateful to have such hospitable and lovable hosts. My aunt Gail and Uncle Bob welcomed us to stay at their condo while they were away dealing with some unforeseen medical issues. We were luckily able to see them while we were there, but wished that we would have been able to spend more time with them. My Aunt Jan and Uncle Max stay directly across the street throughout the winter, so it was nice to have them nearby as well. We loved having Max as our trail guide navigating us to his favorite spots. It truly was a remarkable trip and I’m so glad that I was able to spend some time with the family on this trip too!

Rainy start to the Little Horse Trail
Rainy start to the Little Horse Trail

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