Arizona Day 1: Stumbling Upon Superbowl XLIX

My first trip of the year had me flyin’ Frontier Airlines from ORD > PHX. This trip had it all; road trips, cacti, football, good eats, and GRAND adventures!

It was purely coincidence that the trip I booked to Phoenix just so happened to take place exactly when Superbowl XLIX was set to take place there. We flew into Phoenix Sky Harbor, snagged a tiny rental car dubbed “Roller Skate” and headed straight to Glendale to check out the Superbowl scene.

Finding parking was a challenge as the majority of roads were closed with Superbowl blockage, but once we successfully parked the roller skate we headed to find food, football players and most importantly the giant roman numeral 49: XLIX.

FullSizeRender (2)


As we arrived on Thursday, not much was happening just yet. We grabbed a bite to eat at a restaurant that looked most welcoming and realized that we had about 0% phone battery left. As we needed navigation to take us to our destination in Sedona, AZ, we found a shady spot beneath a tree that conveniently had an outlet at it’s base. As I was charging my phone, I saw herds of people swarm around some fella. Turns out, it was Troy Vincent who’s made his rounds in the NFL and now serves as an executive VP of the league:

FullSizeRender (3)

We’d heard rumors that the drive towards Sedona was real dark if you didn’t make it out before sunset, so we hit the road and made it there in time for our first hike! Our fantastic guide, Max (step-uncle-in-law) excitedly led the way up our first mesa where we caught a glimpse of the red rock skyline for the first time.



And that was the start of it all. First day of a great trip which included more hikes, wine tasting and a visit to the Grand Canyon!

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